ponedeljek, 08. julij 2013

Slovenia nationals 2013

It has been a while since I wrote anything on my blog, but this still does not mean that nothing was going on. I just refuse to sit next to computer too much. My neck is still causing some problems and sitting next to computer does not help at all.
In the mean time we made a photo shooting day with Samo Vidic, professional Slovenian photographer. I survived flying with Canon Mark III on the tail, with some counter balance of course.

Next project was for Nokia, where we spent two days filming solely with Lumia 920 phones, I cant tell you much more, but I think this will be something special to see :)
Today, on Monday we have first day of our nationals here in Vipava valley, but some drops of rain and strong Bora wind predicted is calling for a day off for today. Tomorrow looks good.

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