petek, 26. julij 2013

Tolmin unplugged

After spending a day at the sea site, we moved to Tolmin and actually set up a caravan in the nearby camp Gabrje where you get a transport to Kobala take off and you have a landing right next to the camp. Picture perfect and a good change to the laziness at the beach.

I got a nice flight on the basic route to Gemona, coming back there is a fresh Soča river waiting to cool you down and lots of friends in the evening. Just could not ask for more.

As competition season is coming to a slow end, I searched on where I could possibly go to fly next competition before our Kobala open in Tolmin. Cucco was the most financially balanced way to do it, so I have already packed and in few hours I will be travelling down to Ancona and then to Umbria, 2011 World Championship site. Looks like a good weather is waiting for us, I hope for W wind to fly one of the nicest take offs in the world, Cucco top.

Now, lets hit the road.

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