nedelja, 28. julij 2013

Monte Cucco task 1

First day was normal Cucco day, with wind from W, perfect to use Cucco south take off. There was only some clouds missing in the air but we gave it a go with 134 km task.
Day was switching on and off in the air, thermals where really a lottery with no signs on how to turn it, but patience made you go higher, only patience. 
We flew south trough the no landing gap to Assisi area, where I had quite some struggle to get trough. After 5 hours I landed in goal seeing that only Alex and Christian made it so far. After some talk and hearing that Davide landed at Gubbio I noticed something is wrong here and so I found out that task was changed during the briefing when I did not payed enough attention having all the points already set up. 
Alex changed it during the briefing as it seemed to short for him, well in the end it was a bit too long :) But for me not the right one. I was really pissed off, but by having guilt on both sides I had to shut up and sleep it trough.
I even saw quite some hang gliders flying exactly the route I had in, but it looks like they where all free fliers.
Today looks like they will play around with big cylinders, perfect for my Oudie3. 
We have quite a heat wave here, even if it is 20°c less than Australia it sometimes feels worse here with moisture in the air.
Results can be found here. My flight here 

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