torek, 09. julij 2013

Slovenia nationals task 1

First day we got a day with a bit less Bora wind. This is strong east wind, but we have a miracle take off here that is hidden from this wind and we can still fly. The task was set to 69 km with two triangles as there is not much space, where you can play with task, but in the end it turned out to have enough twists of big tasks.
I took off an was going well with first group where we started really high, at around 2300 m which is really high here. First two points where in the area where clouds where still developing but then we had to go out. We took a straight line and hoped for a good air at the other side of the valley on the "wind" side of the hills, but knowing what a gamble it was we just found some lift that drifted us far from the way. I made a glide back to the goal, where I was on the way to the 4th turnpoint and landed there. The whole group landed and it seemed like there is no ticket to get back from that far point.
1 hour later, guys took care and went a bit back to the good air and went for a further point from there and making it.
Iztok Jarc won the day ahead of Alan Sattler second and Frim Jože in third place. All of the rest will be in the zone where we landed.
Traditional first day for me, but with a good start and good gaggle to go on.
Tomorrow looks kind of the same wit less wind. I think Lijak all over again.

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