ponedeljek, 29. julij 2013

Cucco task 2

Yesterday we had a bit smaller task of just under 100 km up and down the ridge in Sigillo valley. Bigger cylinders where perfect for my new instrument as I was able to optimize them much better than with my old compeo.
There was much more wind on take off than previous day but to me it felt like thermals where just a bit more organised than the day before.
I was first on the edge of cylinder but missed the last thermal with Alex and Christian so the chase begin from behind. Quite a big group pushed forward to the very first turnpoint to the south where they got punished by bad air lower. I choose more straight line and got a nice lift back to Cucco where we raced the lower ridge. Anyone who flew here knows of the small hills bellow take off. It was quite nerve braking run but seems like I got the most of it right there. After that I flew alone looking at Davide Alex and Christian few km ahead of me.

A flight out to the flats that worked quite nice and straight to goal. All of them three where there already but I got told that Davide took the wrong first turnpoint which put him in such a lead in the beginning, so the day before it was me and now Davide. But missing the first one or the last one is big difference.

Results from yesterday HERE, overall HERE, my flight HERE

Today it looks like that strong wind that was trying to move my car during the night will die down a but, but there are showers expected later on during the day. My guess something shorter.

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