sreda, 10. julij 2013

Slovenia nationals, task 2

I was looking strange when our organizer called us to go to Kovk take off, which most unsuitable take off for Bora wind which was predicted for today. I even did not rigged, as I was sure things are not going to change. Well, while I was typing the coordinates to my Oudie instrument, (we will talk about it more later this summer) I saw that the wind changed for a bit longer period.
Task was set to 118 km which took us up and down the ridge all the way trough rotors of Caven to Lijak in Nova Gorica and back to Nanos.
After slow start we started the race at amazing 2500 m, unbelievable... Clouds where growing and we smelt some troubles in the air, but the race was one. I had a good start but picked up pa bad line and had to fight to get back to the first group. I managed to get them half the way. Some pilots took the line behind Caven and got enormous height and glided to Gorice while rest of us raced lower.
On the way back a decent shower built ahead of us, lighting came, that is where I decided to go down and not risk of flying trough the shower when there was another one waiting behind it.
There will be a lottery with results, another day with lottery :/ If they accept stopped task. There might be a chance that they even cancel it, but I hardly believe this will happen.
I was in a good position at the moment so lets see what lottery will bring up.
After all the land is soaked now, I think tomorrow forecast will not give us a chance to fly, but let us see what happens. Friday finally looks like a normal day, so we will get a chance to do proper racing.
After that I am preparing to go to Croatia. I lost many points for my national team because of Trofe Carlo Zanchetin. Don`t know who is responsible for that but in the end my third place there won`t count for FAI points, which makes a big difference in fight for the place for European Championship next year in Spain. Still looking forward to fly in Buzet with most reliable weather so far.

Organizers are doing their best to have things running up on net with pictures on Facebook, results are a bit slow on HERE. Enjoy the multimedia ;)

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