torek, 30. julij 2013

Cucco task 3

You won`t believe but there was a task yesterday and I did not fly it. It was fully covered sky with zero lift, so we where all waiting on take off on what will happen. Word went out that it will be cancelled so I waited. In the mean time there was one young Italian pilot who dared to push things on by taking off. He was escorted with whistling.
At that moment wind suddenly picked up so much that we had to hold our gliders to not be thrown away. I was trying to get the idea what is happening in the minds of organizers as we had only few minutes left to take off. Few pilots went off while most of us where too late to take off. In the end I think 6 pilots eventually started the task with first one making quite some km as the day turned on later on. But, there was also rain at the landing quite soon, so I believe it was not totally right decision from the organizers part yesterday. First one received 45 points, exactly the one behind me :) So, it will be a bit more tight race than day before :)
After the window with no extensions was off, we could take off and play around famous Cucco take off. I was here last time on Worlds in 2011 and was here now first time with Moyes glider. Man, that was so easy now, landings, swooping all at finger change. I loved it.

In the evening we had a nice dinner on take off restaurant with really good Umbria food. We had a chance to see the front coming and it looked like someone draw an art picture, see it yourself.

Today we are going to Cucco north, but organizers are quite skeptic with strong wind. Another nerve game I guess :)

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