sreda, 31. julij 2013

Cucco task 4

After the front came over us, the wind turned to the N so Cucco N take
off was waiting for us. Task of 70 km was set of flying to Tree Pizzi take off, then running the ridge with coming back to the goal bellow take off. After the start it looked like we will have a blast day. It went up to 2000m so race mode was on. I started quite good but soon after flying on the the ridge of Tree Pizzi things changed. No clouds, wind that was running from N in the same direction as ridge made us flying in quite turbulent and scattered thermals that needed a lot of patience to get anywhere.

This is the thing that is still missing in my flying, on the days like this I am still so optimistic that next ridge ahead of me will be better, yet in the end it only makes you land while others wait for half an hour in the thermal to gain the height to go on. I landed soon after turning back from Tree Pizzi.
Alex and Christian also raced them selves to the ground yesterday, while Florian from Italy was the only one in goal. I lost a nice place and fell down to 9th now. Well, 2 years ago I would be jumping to the roof with this result so lets say it is still ok :)

Today looks like really strong NE wind with cloudbase lower than windmills.

Yesterday results here, overall here

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