sobota, 13. julij 2013

Slovenia nationals task 3

The last day looked like the most promising of all, but a call to the weather station on Kovk shocked us all. Really strong NE wind which put in doubts even Lijak take off.
We where waiting on Lijak to see what happens and wind slowly started to go down while we had really nice wind to take off there all day. Looking at the birds more outside it was clear that famous rotor was to small at the time to fly it.
Wind died down to the normal range, so we set up a short task. Soon after take off we knew that day is really good and the clouds started to form. I had a really great start and was doing great until I saw that my GPS did not turned the start even if I was turning with the rest of the group at the same point. I lied to my self, that everything should be ok and went on with stone in my stomach. Then the low battery warning came which was another super inspiration for flying.
I had a great run and decided to risk going out to the flat a bit lower and coming back to Lijak take off, while group behind me took straight line out and to the turnpoint while they overcome me by few km. I raced the ridge and got in to the goal 10 minutes behind Primoz who won the day.
I slipped my 3rd place in nationals ranking. It seems really hard to be good in such a great field of pilots as Slovenia have lately. This should be a great team for the Euros next year. I feared most that, my punishment for not flying in to unsafe conditions will come out as it is. The precious points that meet director took from me by deciding to stop the task half an hour later than it was said to be, got me in to position where I am now with standings. The answer was, that either way task had to be stopped at 16:30, when they set it at 17h and when you cut half an hour from it, in the end you get 16:30 :) Smart ass...
Congrats to new National champion Iztok who deserves the place and Alan for second place, they both showed good flying on all days, everything else was pure lottery with exception of last day.
There was a group opinion that this competition was run really bad. I feel sorry for foreign pilots and hope they wont think this kind of meet running as this meet director had is common for Slovenian races.
No weather report, points sent to GPS-es in different formats, flying while organizing in dangerous weather and so on. I could count more.
Results HERE, pictures from the last day HERE
Now a bit of rest for two days and then Buzet open!

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