sreda, 19. junij 2013

Another check in my bucket list

As I was writing in my latest post, I had to go to Red Bull HQ on Monday morning without knowing what is about to happen. We drove from Ljubljana to the east with me having no clue or what so ever of what we will be doing on that day.

Even when we turned at a big sign of the Slovenj Gradec airfield I still could not put the puzzle together.
A guy who came to sit at our table started to talk about this day arrival of The Flying Bulls, that is when goosebumps came in to the action. They where about to come with two helicopters from the fleet of Red Bull Flying Bulls.
I feel so privileged already with having a taste of Zero G flight, now I was going to fly the helicopter upside down which not so many people in the world had a taste of.
I remember many years ago in Bassano when we where there with my parents when there was a helicopter doing some wingovers, but this is most likely to be a wilder ride than this one in Bassano.
Two helicopters landed, legendary Cobra and German BO105 CB.
I was there to fly with a great pilot Rainer Wilke. Even if I am so much more used to have wings and rotor
blades don`t give me so much confidence, I felt totally safe in hands of such a machine and such pilot.
We took off and soon started with a small wingover, everything goes so smooth, the G forces are strong from time to time, but they are developing slower than in fixed wing aerobatics. One of the most interesting things was to get the helicopter banking back, slipping back slowly and then go for a front tumble with a bit of zero gravity moment. Not something a hang glider pilot would like to feel on a hang glider but here it was sooooo much fun. I truly enjoyed every part of the flight, from looking at how they heat up the engine to the flying it self. With one word, unbelievable!

I have to thank to Red Bull for this one of a kind experience and of course to the Flying Bulls team as well, for letting me have a taste of something so extra ordinary.
You can have a taste of it trough the video that I made, 1080p please ;)

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