ponedeljek, 17. junij 2013

Trofeo Carlo Zanchetin (Day 2)

Little bit late as we had to drive back yesterday and there was no time in the evening to do the blog work. On Sunday last day of nice Trofeo Carlo Zanchetin we flew another 94 km task with lower cloudbase. They choose another take off over Revine, I remember that place from two years ago when we also flew from here. I did a bad start and was soon quite behind the first group but things changed later on during the race so I catch up with Davide who was third from the first day. We crossed the valley quite low but got a thermal that made us cross the plateau to Aviano. In the last thermal we where together with Davide and Arturo who where a bit higher than me and the long glide out to the flat was calling for proper height as there was a lot of sink the day before there.
Thermal died, they both left and I just had to get that extra 50 m to do the glide out so I took my time to find another thermal and secure third place with a nice glide to the goal.
Alex won both tasks with decent lead, Davide Guiducci came to second place and I finished third.
Looks like I finally made two days of flying with less mistakes. Glider is superb, every thermal is a place to relax and think of the flying ahead.
I need to thank the Rova familly here for their hospitality every year, they let us sleep at their place in their wonderful garden. Thank you for everything.

So, I rushed home, as they where planing some stuff with me at Red Bull for Monday morning which I was not told about. Here is a picture to see what was happening today, story and the video tomorrow :D

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