sreda, 12. junij 2013

You spin me round round

Last three weeks where not spent in the way I would like to be spent. Problem with my neck muscles and nerves came to this stage that I felt quite some spinning trough the day. Some days I felt better and went for flying with feeling that it is getting better but it just got worse. Few stressful visits to the doctors and we found out where is the problem that causes my problems. Now massage at sport therapist made me get back in shape and ready for flying. I have to say that weather was cooperating with me as ti was a bit easier to lay down and wait it trough.
This weekend there is postponed competition in Revine. 6 competitions cancelled after our Winter race here so I am really looking forward to get in the air with other pilots.

Yesterday we had a small seminar with Red Bull at Red Bull ring in Austria. It was nice to meet all athletes from the team and spend real fun day at the track. Driving off road buggies and the cherry top KTM screaming machines. I tend to drive normal on the road but this was just amazing to drift 400 kg with 250+ horse power, but,... racing in the air is racing in the air.
I guess I better not tell my therapist about yesterday :D

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