sreda, 02. januar 2013

Forbes, Australia

It has been a long journey over Dubai to Sydney, but with out any problems. Emirates have been a great host in the sky and transit in Dubai airport was easy.
After landing in Sydney I had to take the train to get out of city center to Black town, with out a phone that would be working and a wrong number of my friend Tyler was a bit of a gamble, but we managed to find each other at the right time.
We jumped in to our small van, did a quick set of the route to Forbes and started our voyage. Lots of wind on the road felt like driving in home Vipava valley where you need to look at the gusts that want to get you of the road :)

After reaching our goal on GPS we found out we made a 200 km detour from Forbes down south :) What is 200 km in the wrong way after traveling half way around the globe? :D
Vicki from Moyes arranged a place for me to sleep at Roylance family here in Forbes, wonderful family that is treating us here like kings. Really really thankful for that.
Today I should be ready to get in to the Australia skies. Looking forward to that!

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