četrtek, 10. januar 2013

Task n3

Photo by Zhenshi Van
As the winds went down yesterday, we got a triangle task to make. 127 km task down south to Grenfell and back.
I towed up and got in to a nice thermal for a change. I had quite an adventure previous day, walking in over huge fields as I landed next to a really bad road, which looked ok from the air. Because I forgot my gps in saving car of Brazilian team, I was with out points in the morning and had to start very late as we have an ordered launch.
I managed to get to the main gaggle with second start gate. Race was on, I was going good, next to Italian robot Christian and many others. Somehow we detoured from the path to the turnpoint so my head pushed me to go straight for it in search of good thermal. No guts no glory, but yes... I was left behind with a slow thermal and got to a group with which I stick after mostly till the goal.
Finally I was not racing ahead and waited for them so we put the puzzle together till the goal, but yes, slow.
It is odd flying from time to time, you get out of the thermal 50 m apart and suddenly you are 200 m above the guy next to you or opposite way. Bad memories from Turkey where it was all the same on blue days.

Third day in the roll today, muscles are already in the right mode now, yesterday I woke up just like the truck would go over me during the night. I am grateful for all training I did at home to be prepared for the extreme heat conditions here. 44 °c tomorrow again.

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Olgi pravi ...

Ojoj that's realy hot!!! I guess you allready miss Soča, ha?!

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Uf, kaj bi dal za Sočo tuki :D