nedelja, 13. januar 2013

Task number 5

I talked with our meet director yesterday if we will get a day off for 4 days of flying. Not that I am not able to fly, but I guess heat is a safety issue here and by having forecast for strong winds in the afternoon and good days ahead it would make sense.
Well, in the morning was surprise surprise with 240 km dogleg up NE.
It started with high clouds coming in so with second start gate we where in group with Primoz and many others.
Looking at flat in shade and nearly no sun it all looked like a glide till the ground but we where slowly making progress to the first turnpoint.
100 km/h over the flat, ok, normal, after the turnpoint tiger land was waiting and rare lift.
We where working on small bumps and been drifted away with every turn. I noticed I am flying backwards while turned in to the wind. Pilots had does not feel good with movement like that, like a really bad rolercoaster :D
I landed soon and the task was stopped, must have been blowing 60 km/h +. I spent nearly an hour to derig the glider. Makes me sad looking at it full of dust, it will need a hell of cleaning before he gets to see our skies at home.
Looks like good days ahead of us, no rest day, but better temperatures, sweet 35 ;)

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