torek, 22. januar 2013

Lazy, tired or lack of time?

Well, I was not writing much on the last 3 days of the competition, it was just too busy to get back home and get your brain to work on memories trough the day. While we had to drive back it was perfect time to sit down and have a chance to write about the task via Nokia 900 that Nokia conversations kindly offered to me for the Worlds.
So task n8, was a 190 triangle where I finally pulled of a nice result by starting on the top of the stack but things where changing so fast that in the middle of the race I found my self a bit behind but catch on on the last part of the race. I was on glide with Manfred Rhumer in nice third position but got in to a sink area and had to climb back up 1 km before the goal from the top of the tree so main gaggle went over me, but got me in to 15th place for the day.
Next day, they called a massive 210 km triangle with really hard day, covering with high clouds from time to time but in the end 17 pilots made it to goal with nearly 7 hours spent in the air, I landed just 12 km short as day died at the time. Main gaggle found themselves higher and where able to scratch the flat to the goal.
Last day was with big air. I had set up my glider wrong as a dust devil came trough just at the time I was putting in wing tip. I had a nice turn, which was perfect for worn out muscles, but I managed to go wit the group and got in to 8 m/s lift with Jonny, which put us in to the lead. Manfred and Alex battled out their game and found themselves low. Just before goal, we had blue sky waiting for us where I got really low but got a screamer to 3700m which made me come to the goal as 6th for the day.
Manfred won the championship for 4th time now ahead of Alex and Filipo. Too bad for our Primoz with a cancelled task as if there would be day with out points, he would have had a silver medal now.

Epic flying, I could say, 46 hours in the air, 1700 km made in the days while down under, what can you call for more :) I loved flying there, love my new Litespeed Rx really looking forward for the season to begin here in two months.

Thanks to all the people that made this competition as it was, epic! Also thanks to many people that have made me go so far to taste such great event as this World championship was.

After the competition me and Polona went with Dave to Kathryn that kindly offered us a place to sleep and next day a touch of flying at Stanwell. That was such a laid back flying there, I loved it. Just a thing you want do before long flight back to winter Slovenia. Alex, Wolfi and the rest of the Curt Warren Windsports team have made a nice party at their place where we went after flying at Stanwell. I had my time to pack everything there, say goodbye to people that I got a chance to meet here and old friends.

I made a nice video to remember the day we flew at Stanwell

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Thanks for the update. Jan L, Belgium

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Nice Video!