sreda, 09. januar 2013

Task n2, day 3

After weather briefing in the morning it was clear we will have another hard day with inversion layer low and lots of wind. They called a 163 km task up to the north of Forbes.
As I did really bad on the first day I had to wait long time in line for the start, but I did not bother as with this winds, it was hard to stay in the Forbes area for the start time.
Sfrong wind on the ground, but towing was running nearly smoothly.
I took off and found myself down the ground in few minutes. Gliders where raining down. i calculated gliders and went for a landing in the other lane, which cost me a long walk back over the field under the glider. Second chance seemed to be another bombed out flight so I was there in the dolly for the third time.
I was hoping to be finally towed far to front so I could have time and drift back in search of lift.
I made it amd with taking third time I was by myself but in the first thermal I got with together with a small group of pilots that started late.
We progresses on quite nicely untill some 30 km before the turnpoint where high cirrus clouds came over. Shade was building up a question wetter to run trough or stay behind.
I went trough and got up on the other side where sun was still shining on to the black fields, but soon it all came dark and a long glide waited for me. I landed in the middle of nowhere.
I guess the group in fornt made it to the goal, us who have stayed behind I guess not. We need to wait for results.

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