sobota, 05. januar 2013


Past days are all about getting ready for the competition to start on Monday. I had few nice flights, yesterday up to 3000 m with really nice thermals all around. The air feels super smooth for now, for now ;)
I ve been able to pull out more out of the glider yesterday on a longer flight to see what it is capable off. It is first glider I ever flew with out VG in the thermal, sits nicely in the corner, feels like an S to some point of the turn and start to behave like an Rs when you get to a smaller circles. Gliding seems fun and safe, really safe.

Yesterday we had our sprog measuring thing, I went there just to look at my glider up closely in no wind area. Did a bit of eye trimming on the glider so I am confident now on how my glider is set up for random measuring in the goal fields.

Today there was a registration on going as there was too much wind in the field to have a spot landing contest. Red Bull is here as an organizer of the event so if wind gets down a bit we should give it a try. Tomorrow I will be taking a day off just to prepare all the stuff and have it all set it up right for the first day of the competition on Monday.

Our mystery machine van is running nicely, Tyler got his friend Lief to help us out with driving and it looks like he is the man for the job as he is helping out all the time everyone. Good to have a member like that on the team.

All in all seems like preparation are going all the time in the right way so I am looking forward for the thing to begin.

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