petek, 11. januar 2013

Task 4, 203 km

As we have too many pilots in goal every day, they are pushing us with harder tasks :)
Today we had a 203 km task with quite a long way to the big start cilinder going E od Forbes. Well atvleast for those who don't take time to look at the map more precisely.
Tow was ok, got straight in to the thermal and went folowing furst gus ahead. Somehow I could not get to them as lift was much more broken bellow.
They took a second start gate while I was still low.
For the next start gate I found a nice group of pilots to start this long voyage to the goal.
Flying down south was easy, thermal to thermal after turnpoint I pushed on again and had a chance to see ground from up close again.
I catched up with the group for last 40 km where lift was getting very weak and we had to tank up in every 0.2m
I hardly believed we will makeit but in the end we found something decent enough to get to goal at nice airstrip next to the lake.
Manfred the machine has won the day and is on a good way to make its third tittle, but... Lets wait :)
Primoz was in as well. We will see what results will tell today, as not many  has taken the third start gate.
Tomorrow, another long day :)

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