ponedeljek, 14. januar 2013

Task n7

A little less wind today and ongoing story again :) Wake up, team leader briefing, laidback half an hour at Mezzanine and to the field.
Drink water, sun cream, glider check and back to the air. 260 km task was called with 33 km start cylinder.
tow went, air around airfield did not punched right away so I had some low saves and some reflights from pilots have been made.
I got in to a good position for first sstart gate, first time since I am here so I went for it.
Rocketing thermals on first 20 km where we took too much enjoying them so second group caught us. We where able to rum away from them but on last 80 km shade came and things changed. I had quite a low safe there in the middle of nowhere, while leaders of second group went high over me. I managed to get to goal but little bit late.
150 km/h towards the field in the end. Felt good I must say :D
Now a long way back home, 300 km in the car. Rest day? Naaah :)

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jfr pravi ...

Kaj se je zgodilo v 6. disciplini, da je toliko kazenskih točk?

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Kršenje zračnega prostora, sicer po ustavljeni dirki tko da bo še pestro na briefingu. Lp