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World Championship task 1

First day we started it with a pilot briefing in Forbes sport center, me Europe boy came there with out GPS as I am used t have briefings at the take-off. Well, here we would be melted in 15 minutes of talk. 
Anyway I got some help from Gijs from Netherlands to rewrite this two points and times. Down south 100km and than more to the SE 50 km to goal. Sorry I don`t remember the names, but official page will have it on.

I had to battle the air for 1.5 h before the stat gate opened, 10 km exit cilinder was getting smaller and smaller as we drifted down with the wind and had to come back for a retake of the thermals. I had a two nice hard wire slaps bit the glider just seem like nothing happened and I still consider that the day was with really nice air.

I was able to get a nice start gate and follow the group and be in the first gaggle with Primoz and Rhumer, aftr few km my Timezone team member had shown a nice thermal that got us way above everyone else where we continued wit a group of a few more than 5 pilots in front. A pusher as I am, I prepared myself this time to take it easier and when I saw that 3 gliders where just scratching the thermal below in front I waited. Mistake!

I followed and found no lift bellow them, had to fly back to the group that has rised from the ash from bellow. No nice air in front, when I should turn I waited for a next better thermal and with wind here, there is nearly no going back. 

Soon I found myself on the ground after 80 km, clearing the flies out from my ears, eyes and nose :) Yes, exotic summer is here ;) Should have been a group of 30 pilots or so that went on and these will be in front of us behind.

No matter what, I enjoyed flying, I was out thermaling many pilots and it all seems that Rx is a perfect choice for me. 

Tomorrow looks kind of windy. We will see.

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