nedelja, 30. december 2012

Venice - Dubai - Sydney - Forbes

The day has come. A bit of tetris game with packing all the stuff in to my harness. The long trip is here, a trip to World Championship 2013 in Frobes, Australia.
I love how Matrix goes smaller when you put the plates out, plenty of room for other stuff to put in to the bag and use it as a baggage for traveling.
A brand new Litespeed Rx is waiting for me down under, I got pictures and people telling me day saw it :) It makes you feeling a bit anxious with news like that :) Many people are already down under, testing the air, I will get my chance on second of January I guess.

I will spend my new years eve somewhere in the air.
When I land in Sydney I will meet up with Tyler from Canada with whom we will be a team for next 3 weeks. I heard just good stories about that man and I am looking forward to meet him in person. He made a huge work with getting us a driver and a van with which we will travel from Sydney to Forbes.
So, now, first stop Venice, 2 hour drive from home, then on flight to Dubai with Emirates and then second leg with a huge Airbus to Sydney.

Looks like I will have WiFi on board so you might get some news already from the air at little bellow mach speed :D

Goodbye winter ;)
Well, not so much winter at home really ;)

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