petek, 21. december 2012

Maybe last flight in this year

As my wings went to the new owner already I had a chance to have  a Litespeed S4 to test fly here in December. Not so much good weather this year but still I had a chance to taste some thermals also with this design of the glider. First day was not that promising as the glider had a strange set up so I took my time to make it different. Yesterday we went to Kovk where I had a chance to make some turns in uplifting air and the glider felt comfortable already after 5 meters in the air.
Second test yesterday was a new sonic vario that I integrated in to the helmet. In turkey I had big problems with vario sound as I did not hear it as soon as I was over 70 km/h. So, taking first turns in to the thermal where more vision like not just by sounds of the vario. Not nice to look at vario at what is happening while you should concentrate on making turn in the right area of the best lift. Looks like problem solved now, this small blue thing screams in the back of the noisy 4-fight helmet so there is no need to look at vario any more. However, I am missing one point with this small thing. You can set it to where is sink tone, you can change volume, but you can not change the frequency of beeps. It is quite a screamer at 3 m/s but I will just have to get used that while it is screaming like hell I am still not on my way to moon but in a decent thermal :) 
Working week ahead now, then it is time to start packing :)

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