torek, 04. december 2012


It is my third winter now here in Gorica and maybe first normal one if we look at weather. Last two years we had lots lots of flying days, now, this year it is all about rainy days.
At one point rain was so hard that we had quite a flood in Tolmin. You can look at the picture and those who where here before will know where this lake is standing on now :) This used to be our landing place and now it was full of water, so no landing, maybe just a kayak session :)

Anyway, today was day with snow, but tomorrow looks like we will get to fly a bit, fingers crossed. I have a Litespeed S4 to test fly here for one of our club members. It is just amazing how many Moyes gliders turned out to get to Slovenia last year. Pilots young and old are admiring its handling and it is nice to see that picture when you come to take off when your glider has some brothers standing there waiting for a flight.

lots of work, lots of emails but all made with joy. I am glad I have so much help down under and I can say it is all prepared now for me to sit on this plane and go down under for a dose of summer sun.
Yesterday I got a snap shot of my wing being prepared for the race. Thanks to Christina I got this nice picture to my Facebok wall. Happy about that :)

Season 2013. Unbelievable but yes :D It already started with signing for the first race in the year in my backyard Vipava valley. In March we will yet again open European season with this great racing competition. Last year we had a day with 60 km/h average speed on 95 km task. This speed belong to Tom Weissenberger who is on the mission to fly BIG in Chile. Looks like he found a nice place there with long ridge facing over the ocean to race on. Picture he is sending up on his Facebook profile are just amazing. I hope he wont mind if I steal one to show it to you :)

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