četrtek, 15. november 2012

Things are rolling out fast

Next year in January there is World hang gliding championship in Australia, Forbes. I left my hopes about flying down and competing at this competition long ago.
Now things turned around rapidly and I am glad people believed in me and made it happen in a few days time. Now I am already here with tickets to fly down on 30 of December. Yes I will be spending my new years eve on a plane and this is not just a plane :) A380 first whole double deck plane which I got a chance to admire when taxing on the airfield in New York two years ago. Since I was a kid I was looking at all the technical specs of big 747 so this is kind of kids dream come true to fly the biggest one.

After looking at great flying of a new Moyes gun and talking to many pilots that had a chance to fly the new Rx I was eager to have the top equipment in the home land of Moyes gliders. Really happy to be able to get one for the Worlds. I remember how it was to jump on Rs and think of how easy everything suddenly started to be, I really can not imagine how can something be even easier now :)

Hero3 is here, looking superb. I had to wait to get a new micro SD card to start working on it. I hope I will be able to bring some good footage soon ;) 

So, lets call it a dream come true, I got wings :) Looks like season 2013 should be one hell of a season :)

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