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Should I explain what does the header of this story mean?

I think not. Who does not know this small things that have changed the view of the world wide public also to our sport. People around the world can now sit down and have a brief touch of what we are doing among our flights, what do we see and how our life looks like trough this small lenses.

I grew up in a family where we never had a camera or a good  photo so I even did not knew about my love and dedication to that until I did not take my ex-girlfriends camera in my hand and started with it.
Just in time when I started to look what to buy to put it on the glider GoPro came out with their HD camera. Birthday was around the corner so I got little help to get my very first camera. Soon after that, GoPro made a contest where I got my second HD camera. I fet like the biggest producer in town with two cameras on board taking pictures and filming many times. The first day I took the camera in the air was one of my most viewed videos all time. I never got a chance to fly like this in that conditions after that.
Hang gliding high in the mountains from Matjaz Klemencic on Vimeo.

After HD version Hero2 came out and I was selling my GoPros HD and bought Hero2 straight away. Another GoPro contest was out and had this fortune to get another GoPro camera for free again. Of course just signing to contest is not enough, but after having good material and friends around the world willing to click while contest was running I was able to have my arsenal of GoPros full again. Hero2 made a video that was hosted on well known Infinity list web page.
Hang gliding Soca valley ride from Matjaz Klemencic on Vimeo.

Now, Hero3 is out :) More expensive, better smaller, with Wifi build in, a thing that just fits to a hg pilot when you can put this light thing on the wing with out having troubles in the air because of it and a WiFi to start it when things are looking the best around you.
I pre-ordered one to have the best possible camera now and am looking forward to get it around my birthday time again. Seems like they love November to put new thing out and I like that :)
However, while waiting for it I got a nice mail from GoPro itself saying that they appreciate my work so far and would like to give Hero3 in my hands to produce more stuff for the people to see it. The flying and the quality of the camera that will definitely bring new views of our sport as well. I am however honoured to get this chance of course :)

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