petek, 22. julij 2011

The show is on

121 km seem to be too much for around 120 pilots. Strong was cuting down those who went low. First leg was in to the wind with a ridge but somehow it worked out on flat as much as on the ridge. Flying back was easy where I als catched up the first group.
From take off point was a flight out to the flats with a overcasted sky where lift was weak untill we got to the cloudbase. My mistake was that I went here on with out gaining the height to cludbase. There was a l oo t of wind from here on which grounded me at around 80km. Seems like I was the only one with out tracking. I just took the device and put it in to the harness :/
Primoz won the day ahead of Alex Ploner and Gerd Doenhuber.
Tommorow looks like strong wind again.
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JOCHEN ZEISCHKA je ostal za tabo, ki se je dolgo držal Primoža. Bravo!