nedelja, 24. julij 2011

Rules and stupid rules

Every CAT 1 competition brings out many issues with safety sistems that we are trying to make them work in the best way for all. However, things may look good on paper but in practice it is all different.

Sprog measuring

How many issues where here again and we are taking this now for a 4th time already. We still don`t know how to measure everything.

Factories put out the measurments that they think are safe.
One factory put out the numbers that are higher then DHV measurments, then another one stated numbers that are on DHV measurments but have the ability to go lower as the factory stated it is safe.
Why do we need DHV measuring then if every factory tells which are the measurments.
Measurments are also changing from year to year for same models, so we experience people running in circles to get their gliders at the right spot. Maybe it all should be published before the comp starts so pilots that are not willing to spent all day re-measuring the gliders, would get their gliders at the right spot before.

I guess spending the words about people being polite at the measuring process is useless. Pilots are pilots, but staff working on this should know exactly about everything so there wouldn`t be an if option.


If you get your sprogs re-measured at the landing lower then they should be then you get a warning the first day. Then if they find you again you get 20% score down for the day...

If you make on point in the "No flying area" then you get scored ZERO points.

Where is the meaning of that?

We are more afraid of that pilot will interfere the airfield zone then pilot get killed due to too low sprog settings...

I could go down now, as I know that I will get the warning first. Or I will say like that, those who will not get the warning will all go down on the last day and so everyone will fly dangerous gliders because they can, because CIVL and FAI say we can.

If we eventually get the last day.

Paraglider pilots already made their own group of where it is able to speak about the problems at competitions, now, Americans made a group for competition pilots on fb where it is possible to speak up about the problems we get on comps. See the group HERE

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This happens when pilots don't fly. They start to think.