ponedeljek, 18. julij 2011

First briefing

Today we had our first mandatory briefing early in the morning in the tent. The real deal with infos was spared for the team leader briefing.

Alan was again voted for our team leader. It is not nice when you have to wake up every morning, run for the briefing and get back for the preparation for flying.
Today they had it scheduled for 11 am but they returned back around 3 pm. A lot to talk.
Differences this year will be with end of the speed section which will be bigger circle around the goal. For the real deal you will of course have to get in to the goal but you will make it slowly. This was due to the dangerous low crossings at the goal fields. Goals will never be as spectacular again but safety is safety.

Then there where infos on the spots we will be using for the Live tracking sistems. You will be able to live track us from THIS LINK
Push sistem will be different as you will have another 30 s to choose if you will start or not.
Then there are rumours about some uncertified Icaro gliders... There was no talk about it at the team leader briefing.
There was also the difference in sprog measuring tolerance which is different for different brands of the gliders. Well, why is that?

Today we have a concert in town of Sigillo. Quite social event until now :) Feels nice after 14 days of no happening in Ager.
The weather for tomorrow also does not look good and for Wednesday a chance for a race in the afternoon. Lets hope for the best. I am here already a week now and am looking forward for a race to begin.

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