torek, 26. julij 2011

Chasing shadows

Or we can say that shadows chased us.
Beginning with strong thermals was telling us to start fast on the ridge down to south. But the first turnpoint already got us to the top of the trees and got us fighting for the heights. Strong lift back to the wind mills where shadows started to spread over the Sigillo valley.
I was pushing in front of the gaggle as I was far behind the first one and was trying to come to a better position which almost grounded me at Gubbio.
Magic happened when a spot of sun started to grow in the valley and pushed us all to the heights where we could go back to wind mills and further down south where a shower was waiting for us 5 km from the turn point.
I was always running low behind all the gaggles.
About 70 pilots got in in 15 minutes which was crazy at the landing. I was far behind and now am at 39th place overall. I hope for some more flyable weather to get a better result but so I can make it worse :D
Do the sun dance for us! :D

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