sreda, 20. julij 2011

Second day

The night brought a storm with rain so it got quite cold in the morning. The winds are high again but today also with overcast sky.
Day was cancelled of course with hopes that tomorrow we get to run this world champs.
Castellucio is also questionable so 2.5h drive would be just too big gamble to give it a go. Maybe we get to go and see the caves that many pilots did and said they look good.
I guess I did it all wrong wile writing a tittle to one of the articles "Cucco holidays". For it feels like holidays as we get to spend our time as tourists looking at the beautiful area of Umbria.
Fingers crossed for tommorow.

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Matze pravi ...

If it is flyable in Castelluccio, than every second of your driving is worth it! I am not sure, if this English was correct =). But I drive there next week, and I have to drive 10hours! Go there if you might have the possibility to fly there! Its so great!
And for the next days: I hope the weather gets better… good luck to all of you!