četrtek, 14. julij 2011

Cucco holidays

wont last for too long ;)
Since the first really nice day for flying there where two more with a decent weather. On Tuesday I was prepared to go to the Nort side as there where light winds predicted but I managed to somehow punch my self in the elbow so much that I rather stayed on the ground for a day and wait for the outcome of soar elbow.

They flew really nice on the North side while me and Polona prepared the Slovenia embassy in the camping at Rio Verde.

Yesterday the wind was really strong trough the day but coming back from Gubbio town we saw gliders flying on top so we rushed the hang gliding kindergarten on to of Cucco.

Nice playing around after a site seeing and swim in a pool.
However this holidays will soon come to an end when we start the usual every day rush when the comp starts.
Slovenia team is coming today, tomorrow we measure the gliders and on Sunday we have the opening ceremony.
Today the wind is too strong for flying so we will play tourists again.

Here is a quick cut edit video from yesterday play

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