ponedeljek, 18. julij 2011

Opening ceremony

The first step to the competition was sprog measurements and registration which already produced some heat among the pilots.
I will wait for Alan to come back from the team leader briefing and see what he has to say about the sprog measurements.
There was another big arguing about the certified helmets. All helmets used in CAT 1 event need to be certified and not modificated in any way. Drilling holes in it for the radio already makes them uncertified, but here is the problem.
CIVL did not stated clear enough what modification is so there are gaps in the rules which become problems really fast among the pilots.
Gerolf was arguing about the rules and stated that he refuse to fly with other helmet than his Lumin non certified helmet. He was clear about the problem that if people fly with modificated helmets then he can fly with his Lubin helmet as well.
Well, in the end he did not registered and will not fly at the comp at all...
Strange decision, but it puts out a clear message of a problem with certified helmets that was not discused enough at the CIVL meeting, where Jamie tried to make things clear about the helmets.
Well, the drama at highest point :)

So, after all of this mess we eventually started with the opening ceremony in town Sigillo. To get the vibe of this place you can take a look at the video that I made yesterday. Since we have no practice day today due to bad weather I was able to edit it a bit and publish it to the web.

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