torek, 12. julij 2011

Cucco playground

Here we are back again at Cucco 3th year now. South take off provided very nice day yesterday. Gordon Rigg is here, so is Hadewich and Cameron from Australia. They flew nice flight yesterday over wind mills and Gubbio.
I stayed at Cucco to assist our "team leader" Polona for her first taste of Cucco flying. Giovanni, Italian pilot borrowed me the winglets for Aeros to test fly. Quite interesting what does this small thing do to the glider felling, however it is to late to fly them at competition as I am used to fly with out them. Just when I wanted to land back and return them, the wind dropped and turned to the North side. I had to land in the valley but he was so kind that he drove the car down to us. Thank you for that.

Today North side.

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Anonimni pravi ...

Ha Matjaz, Nice to read your story. Funny thing is that we went today to Magmax and heard from your colleague that you'r on holliday. We are staying in Nova Gorica for a week, pitty we will miss you here. Greetings Erik en Monica from the Netherlands.