sobota, 09. julij 2011

Let the show begin

Time for the World champs is coming closer and closer. This year I decided to get the spot a bit sooner so I am already packing all the stuff for a trip tommorow. Cucco provides a lot of fun flying and good training, landing on top only makes it all much easier for logistics. This year you will be able to see the news really fresh as Nokia helped me with the device and some credit for live blogging from the event. I will do my best to bring you the news at the time they happen of course with mind on my flying as well.Another interesting thing will be live tracking of the event. You will find a link to it at official page How it works? Every pilot will get a device that sends coordinates every few seconds and those are translated to the server where you can watch us live via Google earth. Short news will be available also trough the Twitter which you can find on the right side of my blog. I am stuck all day with packing for three weeks of flying, but however in the end I just came from Croatia so I kind of have already things prepared for the show. Basically all I need is a glider, some clothes a blanket, uh and harness and some dishes and.... Back to work :)

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