torek, 05. april 2011

M blog app and teaser from David

Since we got together with Nokia we already made a small app for this blog. Now you can follow it also on the phone if you download it from OVI store
This is a chance to be in touch with the latest news from comps that are coming with this season, just with a click at your smart phone.
It is easy to make an app of your own as well, just try the app wizard at OVI store page.

David Aldrich from the states got himself in to production of first real movie of hang gliding. He already published two teasers that can show you what he is up to for his movie "Dreaming awake" that should be published in 2012.
I am always stunned by the work he is publishing on net. Here is one teasers that show us what he is up to, for the second one jump to his page on Dreaming awake link.

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