sreda, 27. april 2011

Bassano task 5, around 90 km

Sorry for late report about the last task, but it was a short struggle back home and to work after the Bassano comp.
On the last day we got to the take off that was in the clouds. Picture normal in Bassano. Organizers made the task again over plateau but this time pilots protested a bit about the height flying over this plato with low cloud base. They cut it down to 90 km more to the flats. Clod base eventually went up to 1400 m which was enough to fly on the flats and on the ridge to Marostica, Asolo and more waypoints that we got to fly previous days.
The last turn point at Marostica was the heaviest one as many landed short of goal. So did I...
About 30 pilots made it to the goal field, I saw it from 4 km and did not dare to glide over Borso del Grappa to get in to the goal field. Sky looked great from Marostica to the goal field with nice clouds, but they just did not work as they looked like.
I landed, packed the caravan and went straight for the price giving ceremony as where our team got second place overall. We did quite a good job flying as a team as we all got good points almost every day. Looking forward for Cucco.
Christian Chiech won the comp in front of Alex Ploner and Robert Reisenger.

Team Slovenia me, Joze Frim, Alan Sattler, missing: Franc Peternel, Primoz Gricar

As soon as we got packed for a way back I noticed there are no lights on the back of the caravan :) It is not safe to drive trough the night with out the lights in the back, also police wouldn`t be happy about it. So we did a bit of witchcraft with the wires to get it work properly. Hour and a half of cable connecting and fuse search :) Uh uh.

I finished the comp at 26th pace, not good not bad... Could be better if.... But we always have an if when we look at the overall results. All in all, good flying, I did almost 20 hours in 5 days. The glider works much better, or we could say, pilot is getting better :)
Laveno in 14 days? Who knows...

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