ponedeljek, 11. april 2011

Bassano, the beginning

One week more until my first competition this season. Busy Bassano skies with 130 hang glider pilots and 150 paragliding pilots. They can raise the entry fee, they can make the same price for Jellies and for us and yet they will have looots of pilots at the comp.
It should be the second race in Europe for 2011 season but strong wind cut down hopes for a valid comp at Aeros Winter race. I was in USA at the moment so I did not miss too much by not being present at the comp in the end of February.

The glider is prepared for the race so I am really looking forward for Monte Grappa Trophy

I will do my best to have you all informed about the race. I hope we get decent internet connection there as this was a usual problem there. Well, the new camping area L´antica abbazia has it all.

On the other hand, I have to thank to Davis for publishing my article about Combat 13.5. Taking words out of context just to make readers fall on it is not an idea for such a good resourced web page as Ozreport is.
No offense Davis :) I know we all do our jobs :)

The last present from Florida.
We have waited for this one for a long time. This is the actual footage that camera crew from Capefinn did on our Zero G flight in Florida.
Memories of this will stay for eternity :)

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