petek, 22. april 2011

Bassano first task 138 km

The first task was set to 138 km following the main ridge to the west and then to the east coming back to the flats for the last turn point before landing at Borso Del Grappa.
The day was with out clouds but we knew that the task will be set to a bit bigger pace as it was previous races since I am here from 2008.

I started with the first to avoid the first crowded air and get the proper height before start the flight to the start cilinder. Nice lift, quite rough from time to time as you can imagine it with at least 200 pilots in the air at the same time. Especially tourist who don`t know which side we turn this day so you need to push all jelly fishes to get the proper thermals.

We started quite late at 14:10, flying to the west was with out any specialities, it got all much slower when we got the eastern ridge where the shade was already on the south side of the hills. First two groups did pass it back to the flats with the height, I got my self low and the day was not strong enough anymore to gain the height for the last turn point. Seems like Elio won the race ahead of Primoz, for the 3rd one I don`t know. More about statistics tomorrow when we get to know the results.

We had a dinner today at pizza place where our camp is. I was so late back in the camp after retriving Alan so there was only a bit of pasta left for the late pilots.

All in all quite a though day with missed timing for the task. Tomorrow we go on.

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