nedelja, 24. april 2011

Bassano task 4, 85 km

They where predicting some thunderstorms for today, but organizers told that perception for thunderstorms should be low today.
They set up a task of around 85 km to the west and then back far out to the flats to Caerano. Soon after the start clouds overcast the are to the west so our flying was really slow. When we came back to the Bassano area I choose to go out to the flats already on antena as others followed the ridge and jumped to the flats further to the east.

Cloud street showed good signs of lift but the flats where totally in dark. I flew the cloud street with two nice thermals in between so I caught up with the guys in front at the last turn point. This part was in the sun but very hard to get a proper thermal to attack the point outside in the flats.
The overcast sky was moving also in to this area and got us higher. From here on there was only a 10 km glide to the goal field in Bassano.
About 20 pilots made goal with Ploner winning the task.

Two of three 13.5 GTs in Bassano

I wont say anything for tomorrow as Bassano always surprise us with something new. Let us see.

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