petek, 22. april 2011

Bassano task 2, 126 km

Second day, shorter tast but quite more interesting. They sent us to the back of the Bassano ridge where we got to get a small touch of Dolomites flying.

We flew of on the ridge where 48 km entry start cilinder was waiting for us. Much easier air then yesterday until we got the Dolomites ridge. Flying over the huge valley was the first challenge as we did not get too much high on the last mountains that are followed by the Bassano ridge. I found a nice solution with one guy where we thermaled up in a nice thermal already in the flats before we got to the bombing ridge. Really strong and turbulent thermals. One guy broke an upright in the air and went down with the chute. He is ok.

From here on we only hold our selves to the base bar and flew over the mountain ridge to Levico landing. Compeo was a smart guy today telling me that I have a goal in my pocket 20 km before but I saw many people still thermaling in the same height as I was but 10 km in front. I took it easily and yes in the end Compeo was right.. Well you got to do one goal in the beginning of the season to regain the confidence in electronics. Next time, tommorow :)

Manfred made a nice move when he just raced the ridge low, while most of us stayed and thermaled up after the valley crossing. He got way in front and also won the day.

Looking at the weather forecast it seems we got our two days, now on it is more questionable as some showers are predicted. We will see.

Panoramio with Nokia N8

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