sreda, 20. april 2011

Deja vu (Bassano 2008 - 2011)

I felt like it happened again, well I also saw it happening. First 40 km from my house where equipped with strange noise from rear wheel. I am so familiar with this noises and feelings that I knew right away that there are problems ahead of me :)
Well, Ford service on the way in Slovenia solved the problem, so I hope this year we will come over this days without car problems like in 2008 where we got stuck in Thiene in subzero temperatures, tired after howling day where we where up to 3000m.
Taken with Nokia N8

Seems like we should have a really good weather in next days. People where telling about getting to 2700 m in the flats later in the day. It is nice to see all the faces again after winter. And it is nice to be in Bassano at 25 °c and not in subzero like in 2008 where I woke up to a falling snow.

It looks much nicer like this...
Taken with Nokia N8

Fail of the day
For the first time I had to sign in all of my data, from my birth date to my adress and my passport or ID number, just to use payed Wirelles :) Unbelivable

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