nedelja, 24. april 2011

Bassano task 3, around 65 km

We already woke up to a overcast sky but we knew that in Bassano you fly until it doesn`t rain. Well maybe even if it rains or snow or...
We waited on the take off for some thermal show ups with the jellies who where rubbing the ridge in front of take off. First there was a task set to 100 km, but it was soon clear that we wont make it in time with such a bad lift.

They shortened it to 65 km with flying in the flats. The sky cleared just enough to pump up the pilots for give it a go.
Day was showing its phase already from the beginning. Light thermals, very light thermals if some...
We where charging up just above Bassano. With one hour to spend we cleaned a huge area where we searched for a decent lift that would take us to the height that would put us in a position to attack the first turn point at Marostica.
Some guys went to on the ridge of plato, where cumulus clouds started to evolve and they got the place to start the race at the best position.
We, others struggled from the low heights and where charging up back with 0,2 m/s lifts but in the end I somehow managed to get to the second turn point at Asolo. Flying back was easier with a proper height but the day was ending really fast. I charged the last height above Bassano and went on to Marostica with hope for a last thermal that would get me in to the goal. Well, on this 15 km journey there was none.
I think 9 pilots made it to the goal with Christian Ciech winning the day in front of Primoz and Elio on third place.
Many pilots have landed short so the results have changed a bit. You can find them HERE

Seems like tomorrow we have abig chance of thunderstorms, on Monday even bigger so let us see where will they take us next days.

Landing just before Bassano

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