četrtek, 22. julij 2010

Task 8, 67 km

Yesterday we had a short 67 km task flying from Ager valley to Vilamitiana goal again. There was really strong wind on takeoff with gusts up to 35 km/h. I felt really uncomfortable to take off in this conditions. By looking at the pilots in the air it looked like it is not turbulent at all. The hardest part was to get of the ground, afterward it was all ok. Nice lift with a low cloud base. I made a mistake on flats when I pushed out to low and got caught with strong wind which grounded me at 48 km. Many pilots in goal again with Christian winning the day in front of Tom by leading points. Tom was a bit faster in goal but leading points put Christian to the first place.

Gerold is still winning the overall ranking. Today we have a cancelled task, a bit free time to relax. For tomorrow there is a question if we will fly or not. I hope that we will.

Overall very good organised competition with leading man Juaki who impressed me with his knowledge and authority overall competition. It is only the social part of the meeting that is missing. Usually we had something organised to get pilots together, here this is not existing. As long as we fly, there is no problem with that :)

Cucco? Maybe I will be actually able to go, but just to free fly and have fun with thousands of take offs and landings at the top of the mountain. Can`t wait.

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