torek, 13. julij 2010

2. task Europeans

First of all, I have to tell a little a about living here. Nights are great for sleeping, the temperature is just the right one, but, there is another problem. Some small bugs are eating us here :) Little tinny flies that bite like hell. Every evening before sleeping there is a quest for those flies in the tent and afterwards you wish that you have made it to have a nice sleep after all.

Mornings are great relaxed, we start late at 11 to the take off so it is different to other European comps that usually get you to the take off already at nine. Primoz is making his delicious food, but we need to cook for our selves other wise he will be hungry at Monte Cucco :)

Tasks are set late, like somewhere around three and we fly until eight in the evening. I kind of like it.

Today task was set to 91 km in clear skies as they predicted. Mostly the same route as yesterday only a bit shorter on every corner of it.

People started to take off in to very bad conditions, they struggled for a long time at the ridge so I waited for quite long to start.

I slowly prepared myself and the conditions where getting better also as Primoz told on the radio. By taking some bad thermals I finnaly hit the good one with the gaggle. One group got further to the west and got already to 2200 m. We started together but they where quite in front.
After drifting over plato we found some good thermals and it seemed like it is going to be a short and quick race. Elio, Gerolf and some others got in front while I got a bit low coming back from first turn point. We flew back over plato not looking down :)
We got back together with leading group before the last turn point as they got a weak thermal, they poped out on top and raced to the goal and then we, 10 minutes after them.
Nce race, I think I was in the first 30, quite good after yesterdays 12 place. Seems like a like this Spain flying here :)
Today all Slovenian team made it to the goal.

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