ponedeljek, 12. julij 2010

1. Task European championship

So it finnaly began. They set up the task of 131 km around the Ager with landing Villamitiana.

We listened to Primoz carefully about flying here, how late is the task start, how are the valleys working… Well, we got in to the air and it seems it was very hard to even stay up. High clouds came and killed the lift so we started with the last start gate at 15:30 and start our voyage trough the valleys.

Beautiful scenery of Ager valley impressed me. I flew a lot with Primoz with whom I found nice track with good lift almost all the way.

Seems like Balazs won the day, but we have to wait until results to see what happened as pilots choosed different times.

I was happy to be in the goal after first day here in Spain. Long way to go, but am looking forward for it.

I will try to write more tomorrow…

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Leo pravi ...

Vidim međunarodna suradnja je u punom gasu. Povucite malo ovu našu dvojicu da ne budemo uvijek zadnji. :)))) Pozdrav ekipa