nedelja, 11. julij 2010

Opening ceremony

It is so damn hot here. We were sleeping like dead all night after a long drive. The Sunday should be the day to relax but we had to go to measure our gliders at Tomas Pellici “office”. Big, realy REALY hot white tent, where you did not feel ANY breeze, we just cook ourselves all day long as there was a lot of work to do. Rising the sprogs of course…

Seems like everyone had lower sprogs then year before on worlds, where the same gliders where measured. Ok, many went down :) but, let`s say mine, was not touched since then and has been lower for 1 degree. Many where talking about the difference from last year measurements. Tomas was sweating down as pilots where annoying him with big eyes every time. One guy went out and did not touched the sprogs but when he came to re - measure they got 2 degree difference. So much on measuring…

Poor Pelicci was working by itself to measure 90 anoying pilots, can not they get more people to do the job and leave the people some time to do other stuff then wait all day in the tent to see that the degrees changed somehow by itself :)

The opening ceremony started at 6:00 where they walked us trough nice villiage of Ager (See the picture), we had our own flag attached to the upright :) It all ended in the same tent as I spent most of my day :)
Jump in the pool in the evening made my day :)

Seems like there are hot 14 days in front of us, the area looks great, so I hardly wait for tomorrow to start.

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