petek, 16. julij 2010

Gerolds dayzzzz

3. task was set to 111 km with start gate on the course that is already familiar to us with the goal in the flats where we have not been yet. I was 8 km short, when you got left behind it was a very slow and patiente fly over the flats to the goal.
I had problems with speed sensor as I pulled out the tbe too much, when you don`t have it then you seehow much you need all this data in the air.
The retrive was long, we came back at 12 in the evening falling down to the bed. Look at the score showed more then 40 pilots in goal, very good for condititons like this.
I did a mistake when leaving the last thermal too soon in hope that I will find another one but there was none anymore. I strugled above some electric wires for a long time but id did not worked out.

There is one more thing we NEED to add here, poor Austrian guy named Gerolf got a bit stressed while reading all this poetic blogs from Europeans and founding out that facts like his win yesterday and the task before this one was not mentioned in them :)
Seems like we can make a blog and publish link to the result, maybe we can mark his name with a screaming color so it will be seen to everyone and blog from Ager will be just another step to the official web page.
Gerolf is a big person in hang gliding comunity by his work and "personality", but there is one more thing left for him. Some kind of tittle like Euroepan champion or world champion. So many times so close but not made it, Gerolf we wish you to work out good, I mean, after all this years it would be time to have it :)

Another day, another flight!

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