sobota, 17. julij 2010

Task 5 around 140 km

Weather prediction was for more cloud cover today but with good lift. Well today they where wrong :)
The task was set to the west and then back on the main ridge of Ager to the end and out on the flats.
Soon after we came baxk to the ridge high clouds came in and killed good conditions. I stayed with the second group towards the second turnpoint. Coming back to the valley of Ager showed slow lift. I saw first group on top but by myself I was going up realy slowly. My impatience worked out again as I pushed to the flats by myself and landed on 110 km. After me I did not saw anyone passing towards the goal but still the forst group made it.
Alex Ploner won the task. Gerold is still in the lead.
Jonny Durand had a bad landing and doesn`t remeber anything but he is ok thankfully. Froum our team PRimoz and Franc made it t the goal.
A hard and long task. We will see the results.

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