nedelja, 11. julij 2010

After a long drive trough the night we are finnaly here at European championship site in Áger.

The story does not begin here. Sadly we had to leave one of our fellow pilots at home. Stanislav had a misfortune while working and injured himself, so he had to stay home. Suddenly the van that we rented got too big for only 4 people. What to do then?

I remembered that our fellow pilots from Croatia where on the same route as we so I made one call to Dario and he and Alen where for it right away.

We arrived somwhere around 6 today and where forced to measure the gliders right away. Before even seeing the camp…

Today the price ceremony for the Spain open will be held in Ager town but as I have some work to do I will skip that and fall a sleep like a dead man after the work is done.

Tommorow we will maybe go to the take off to have a test flight, of course if the opening ceremony won`t be to early in the day which I barely belive as we are in Spain :)

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